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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Personal Storage Ideas

Here listing some reasons why personal storage is a great idea

Storage during renovations & construction

Building a new house? Renovating an old one? Self storage ensures protection of your assets while you work on improving another. Again, only a temporary use for self storage, but a use none the less.

Not everything needs to be on-hand 24/7

Personal storage can also be used for personal data & record-keeping or documents. If you run a small home business, you'll need to keep all of your documents & invoices on file for a certain amount of time - a legal taxation requirement in most countries. Whether you run a home accounting business or are a graphic designer with a home office, you'll need somewhere to put those documents. Keeping these files in a small self storage locker, as opposed to one or two large filing cabinets in the home, is a cheap, cost-effective way to un-clutter your home office & leave room for other things like a second desk for a co-worker, a bookshelf for reference materials or a more appealing & presentable office if you have clients over.

Your space is worth more than a storage unit

Depending on your location & living situation, you could make a lot more money by clearing out a spare room, putting the contents in storage & renting that room to someone else.

Some tips for storing common items in self storage area

Store your mattresses in an upright position wrapped in a large plastic bag or a sheet of plastic sealed with duct tape. It’s very important that it be sealed completely to prevent any moisture or dirt getting in. Also, it’s best to avoid stacking stuff on top of your mattress so you don’t end up with a lumpy, unusable one that needs replacing. Wooden furniture are as permeable it can absorb excess moisture. One of the best ways to protect it is with a paste wax coating which acts as a covering and covers tiny cracks. In addition to this it’s safe to cover it completely with sheets and tarps as well. Electronic media use airtight containers to prevent moisture and mold. Always back up electronic copies stored in another location just in case. A great way to store is in the original containers if you’ve kept the storage assets. Make sure you store in a climate controlled environment since electronics are sensitive to moisture and heat.
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