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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How to secure your TV and Computer

1. Try to repack them in their original packaging, therefore do not be in a hurry to throw away the packaging as it might come handy.If these are not available, choose a box larger than the equipment and allow sufficient space around it to stuff packing material such as thermocole sheets, bubble pads, old newspapers, etc.

2. Backup app files and remove CDs from the computer and AV equipment before packing. Remember to keep all installation diskettes separately. Insert special locking devices in the CPU so that they don't come apart.

3. Label the wires, cords, jacks and take photo of the original cabling and arrangement so that's easier to put it back together.

4. Label the packing boxes 'FRAGILE' and when loading the truck ensure that they are the last ones to be loaded and the first ones to be unloaded.

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